Escalation League


Official Kickoff and Point Increments:

May 26th (Last Saturday of the month).
a. 500 pt. Limit escalation
b. 750 pt. Limit escalation
c. 1000 pt. Limit escalation
d. 1250 pt. Limit escalation
e. 1500 pt. Limit escalation
f. 2000 pt. Limit escalation
6. Conclusion and Final Battles

The League

Here at Dark Tower games we are hosting our very first Age of Sigmar Escalation League! We want encourage new and experienced players to build, paint, and expand their armies. We also look forward to establishing a friendly player base that encourages, and embraces our community feel, our goal at Dark tower is to encourage the Hobby aspect of table top games and bring our community together!
This Warhammer League is an event for 6 months, meeting and playing games once a month! Last Saturday of every month! If you have ANY interest in playing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, this is the place to be to see some friendly faces, enjoy good company and be a part of our awesome community!


All scores must be recorded and verified by an employee and a Growing Empire’s Battle sheet must be filled out and signed by players and given to an employee to make sure all players receive credit for games played. Each Player will be given a battle sheet for each round; this sheet will include scoring for painting, battle results and Best Sportsmanship.
Note to existing players – The goal is to add to collections, and build a strong player base and encourage the hobby. Bad sportsmanship will be judged harshly.


Ending Awards

These awards will include store credit – model prizes – Credit with O.K. Studios (Dark Tower’s in House painters) - And a Cash prize for League Champion and Best painted.
a. Best in Show: At the end of the league, players will judge which person has the “Best in Show” at Leagues end. This is the Leagues favorite army.
b. Theme Champion: At the end of the tournament, players will judge which person was the “Theme Champion” army at tournaments end. This is an army that was structured around a piece of fluff, or has a particularly cool theme. In case of a tie, the player that used his escalation character the most during the course of the escalation league wins.
c. Hero Slayer: The player that slays an opponent’s warlord in the most battles wins the title of HERO SLAYER.
d. Sportsmanship Award: At the end of the league judges will determine who had the most sportsmanlike conduct throughout the event.
e. Best Painted: The player with the highest painting score during the tournament, and the best painted votes will claim best painted.
f. League Champion: The player to win the most games during the course of the tournament and have the most objectives gained during the course of the league claims LEAGUE CHAMPION.



Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Tournament

Core Rulebook matched play scenarios, FAQ and standard rules.
We will be using matched play rules, with the Big FAQ and all beta rules in effect.


Entry fee: $20

Or you can pre-register with us for $15

Please email your Army lists to (
Please bring one printed copy of your army list as well.

Prize support entries:
Event Champion
Favorite Opponent
Best Painted Model


We are focusing on our community in regards to this event, it is a competitive event but still all in good spirits. We encourage our players to play games casually, as well as competitively if they so choose.
Miniature painting is an art-form, and though painting is not required it's encouraged. We also love the lore of the Warhammer Universe, so we love to focus that here at Dark Tower, creating narratives, not just playing games.

This a community building event that appeals so all realms of the Warhammer World, painting, playing strategy and the like. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Want to learn to play Warhammer: Age of Sigmar?

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If you are unable to make your session please let a DT Team member know ahead of time as soon as possible.

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