DARK TOWER GAMES: Store Championship
We are hosting our first ever Store championship event for Warhammer 40k! The DT team is super excited about this event!
The player who wins the title will be named the Store Champion. There will be a challenger board with his/her title, and the champion will be able to be challenged every 4 weeks. One needs to be able to hold the title! With the title of Champion there will be benefits as well!

The champion will receive 20% off Warhammer 40,000 product! And will not have to pay for entry fees for Warhammer 40k events here at Dark Tower while one holds the title.

TO CHALLENGE: We will provide the challenger with the Champions info and there will be a match scheduled, this battle will be epic and we will record this battle to be seen by the community online as well!

The Champion can only be challenged every 4 weeks and it will be the best of 3 battles. To challenge the Champion you must submit your list and information to our EO at JT.Steiger@darktowerlgs.com - A match will be arranged then on.

Are you ready for the challenge?

CONQUERORS of corinthe 


This campaign will push the boundaries of table warfare and epic hero battles Players will the opportunity to fight wars, explore territories, face other factions and warlords, change the face of planets, star systems and change the course of the campaign itself!

This Campaign will start Saturday, September 8th - Sign ups will be finalized on the 7th, that Friday.

SIGN UP: $40 spent in store/ a gift will satisfy this as well. 
This will secure your spot and faction in the campaign. With Sign up you must include your faction and named Warlord to use through the campaign. 

Rounds and placings will be posted as this event launches - 
Below is other FAQ: More information on rounds and missions will be posted after Campaign launch. 

We are excited to see how this epic tale unfolds, are you ready, conquerors..?


Each force competing for control of the system is lead by a general seeking eternal fame and fortune, (Named characters will be given a new name for the campaign). With each victory, they will acquire bonuses in the form of resources that will assist in their campaign. However, what can be gained can be lost. Bonuses will include an extra artifact to be given to a character of the players choice, an extra command point, or allowing more than one warlord trait


The event will also include painting competitions in which each player will submit models to be judged. Winners will get extra points towards the campaign. As well as store credit.

Other prize support will include,
Favorite opponent, Best performance, best painted and other categories of painting challenges per interval.


This grand crusade will be topographically tracked in store showing each team`s location and territory. Each planet will be represented by a mat in store, and each will have a special rule associated with it, this will be notated on the system map.



The campaign will end with factions launching a siege on another`s base using the rules detailed in the 40k core rulebook. Winners will claim a large amount of points towards the campaign, and the winner on the innermost planet achieving the ultimate goal, the artifact. Other prizes will include
-best painted (army, and general)
-Most battles won (regular/ kill team separate/together?)

Saturday 40k


Here at Dark Tower Games we host epic Battles in the 41st millennium every Saturday. battles with awesome naratives, you can’t find any where else! Dice at the ready friends, are you ready Generals?

Join us every Saturday dedicated to Warhammer 40k, open tables ready for battle - We have a wall of terrain for you to build the ultimate battlefield and 10 XL 4'x6' tables with custom playmats to battle on! Whether you want to get a pick up game or schedule a battle with an opponent, this is the spot for epic games.

 We also have Team members every Saturday available to Demo Warhammer 40k! If you’re new to the game or need practice, come on by!

 See you then!

ready for combat?

Fill out the form down below and get set for some of the greatest skirmishes in the 41st Millennium!

Want to learn Kill Team? Please fill out the form below and get connected with our Kill Team EO - Ready for combat General?

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Want to learn to play Warhammer 40,000 or Kill Team? We have a Team Member available for you to schedule demo games with! Please fill out the form below and time slot for which you'd like to schedule a Demo - These blocks will be for allotted for 90 minute sessions. You will also be put you in direct contact with our Team in case you have any questions.

 If you are unable to make your session please let a DT Team member know ahead of time as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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If the Time slot you have selected has already been booked, there will always be more times available during the week.

Special events


Warhammer 40k ITC


We host a Warhammer 40k ITC event every other month, last Saturday of the month! Check out our calendar for details!

FAQ and standard rules.
We will be using matched play rules, with the Big FAQ(2) and all beta rules in effect.

2000PTS - 3 Detachment max
Prize support entries:
Event Champion
Favorite Opponent
Best Painted Force

General information for the ITC Circuit can be found here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community

We are focusing on our community in regards to this event, it is a competitive event but still all in good spirits. We encourage our players to play games casually, as well as competitively if they so choose.
Miniature painting is an art-form, and though painting is not required it's encouraged. We also love the lore of the Warhammer Universe, so we love to focus that here at Dark Tower, creating narratives, not just playing games.

This a community building event that appeals so all realms of the Warhammer World, painting, playing strategy and the like. 

We look forward to seeing you!