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Stratton Cade - Lead

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Jameson Knopp - Lead Intern

Kaya Overhalt - Intern

My Campaign: Currently my group started off with a circus members investigating odd goings on in the Fey Pact-land, and now has the party working for the Summer Court to rescue Grandmother Witch from the Fey Under-dark.


Harrison Smith - DM

MY DM STYLE; Dungeons and Dragons is about telling a story together with your players, I believe in sculpting a narrative with the collective thoughts and imaginations of everyone at the table, if you want to do it, do it! I view the rules as necessary guide-lines, but guidelines nonetheless; if you show true dedication to your character, I will not let a rule in the book deny you your moment. DnD is about coming together to tell tales of triumph and defeat, loss and victory! I hope to see you on the trail soon, adventurer, wherever it may take you.

My Campaign: In the world right now, my group is working for a shadowy organization, making sure the people of Keldan are safe from dangers they don’t even know exist; if you want to protect the people of your country, join the Saturday 4-8pm Session!


Dark Tower Games’ “Quote of the Week!”

As love so often does, it has lead you to a ruined village full of dead people... some of which are on fire.
— Harrison Smith, DM

What are the Players of the DTU doing in preparation for the world-event?

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Who are you fighting for?