Welcome to Kill Team!

In the 41st millennium, there is only war. This isn't new; we're all familiar with the grim, dark future, and the battles that rage endlessly between all manner of men and beasts. Battle lines crashing and clashing beautifully on a tabletop is one of the most impressive and fun experiences you can have with any miniatures hobby. But what if you don't have all day to play? Then, my friends, Kill Team is the game for you. Same grim, dark flavor at a fraction of the price (in both currency and time), as well as being a test of your planning and tactical deployment skills. Kill Team offers a new and interesting take on all the factions you know and love, and helps you get closer to your individual models and write their own interesting stories and experiences.

Kill Team is typically played with 10-12 models on each side. This means that the buy-in cost of Kill Team is under that of any triple-A video game on the market - aka, a pretty sweet deal.One box gets you in and playing; it also comes with sweet terrain that is modeled after your particular faction and a game board to play on! Cue the Top Gun high five montage. The low buy-in cost makes the game accessible to veterans and newbies alike, and also makes painting an entire kill team a breeze compared to the sometimes daunting task of painting up 2000 points of 40k models. All in all, a huge win for both your wallet and your painting hand.

Kill Team is inherently a different game than 40k, and that's a good thing. In 40k you get to see the characters from the lore colliding with each other, which is awesome, but for me has always felt a little detached somehow. Kill Team lets you not only create characters all your own, but also lets you assign them specializations and names, and even outfit each individual separately - talk about customization! Hold your breath, because this is where it really gets good: they also can gain experience between games and get EVEN COOLER.

Kill Team is designed to make narrative campaign play even easier and more rewarding , with you and your friends’ teams getting progressively more experience and getting more powerful. It also gives the opportunity for organic stories to flourish, both on and off the table. Will your veteran be a feared slayer of enemies and have his reputation precede him? Possibly causing your opponent to single him out, knowing that in all the games you've played so far he's never been out of action? ABSOLUTELY THEY WILL, and it will rock. I guess what I'm really trying to say is: try out Kill Team, it's really the cat's pajamas.

Joe GreenComment