Warhammer Underworlds: Another Way to Warhammer

"There will be no escape, no blessed oblivion. I can end your life as easily as I can extinguish a candle, and before your corpse is cold, I can reach out and grasp your soul. You will be my slave for all eternity, and I shall laugh at the depths of your pain. Such is the power of Nagash."

-Nagash the Undying

The Mirrored City, a once-thriving metropolis in the Realm of Death; now trapped between the Realm of Shadow and the Realm of Light. Its inhabitants punished, never given the release from death, by Nagash, the God of Death.  For no one will deny his right to souls.

Games Workshop’s newest gem in their treasure trove of games is Underworlds. Played with a board, a warband, and a deck for each player, you’re able to explore the treasures and perils of the City of Shadespire and its Nightvault. Warbands range from malicious Skaven to savage Orruks to righteous Stormcast. Others rise from the dead, as shambling Deathrattle or the spirit followers of the Briar Queen. Disciples of Tzeentch seek hidden knowledge while Khorne sends forth his goreaxe-wielding warriors to add skulls to his throne.

Now, gameplay takes place on several boards, one for each player. Each player will also have a prebuilt deck of cards that act as equipment, spells or abilities to be played during the game. Warbands are used the same way in every game, but the way you play the deck makes or breaks them. Objectives are used to score Glory points; and of course, the player with the most at the end of the third round wins. Each round consists of four activations from each player. Activations are used to play cards, move models, and attack. Pretty much any action in the game to do, you do as an activation.

The box set for Shadespire comes with Stormcast Eternals and Khornes Gorechosen. The next box set, Nightvault, comes with Stormcast Eternals wizards and the Nighthaunt. All models in the box sets are new and playable in Age of Sigmar. In addition, the models are snap to fit, something Games Workshop seems to be doing with their board games as of late. This makes people not familiar with Warhammer and the struggle of gluing models together enjoy the game more.

Easy assembling, different warbands, simple rules and cross playability for the models with Age of Sigmar easily makes Warhammer: Underworlds another major success for Games Workshop. I simply can’t wait to see what Games Workshop adds to it existing games or anything new they roll out in the coming years.

David LopezComment