The September FAQ And What It Means For You

For those unaware, Games Workshop recently dropped their highly-anticipated FAQ, which details rule changes across the game that affect not only the main rule book but individual codexes, and the units and stratagems residing within them. If you’re unfamiliar with the FAQ, it goes beyond its literal meaning of “frequently asked questions” and addresses rules, tactics, and combos that could be considered strong or even game-breaking, as expressed by the community and the tournament scene across Warhammer 40,000.

So what were some of these changes? Perhaps the biggest change was the alteration of reinforcements. Before the FAQ, your army could have half your units placed in reserved if allowed, and they could be brought onto the board at the start of the movement phase on turn one. But no longer! Games Workshop has adjusted the rules to state that up to half your total army cost, along with up to half your units total, can be placed in reinforcements; and they can no longer arrive turn one. This means everything has to come into play turn two and three, or they’re considered destroyed! Pretty big change! But please, join us in a moment of silence for all Grey Knight armies - the time to put them on the shelf may be upon us.

Certain stratagems within codexes have had their command point cost changed, and in most cases, this change has been an increase. There are more than a handful of them that have been changed, so it is advised that you look at your codex updates and perhaps those of your nemesis.


Another big change that affects arguably half the armies within 40k is the alteration to the wording of fly. With the way it was worded before, models with fly could move over any terrain features and heights as if they weren’t there. Now, the errata states: “If the datasheet for a model says it can Fly, then during the Movement phase it can move across models and terrains as if they were not there.” This now means when charging flying units you must account for the full distance of the charge - height of a building (if present) included.

Most of these adjustments and changes are arguably not game-breaking. If anything, they change strategies, shake up the meta, and even unseat the armies that have been basking in the top tier rankings. It will be interesting to see what new tactics and play styles the community comes up with, and how many will happen right here at Dark Tower Games.

Gage NelsonComment