Like the title suggests, this month of October or “Orktober” as named after the Games Workshop teaser in late September that has brought much excitement to Ork fans throughout the 40k community. As previewed by Warhammer Community, the highly-anticipated box game called SpeedFreeks is due to hit shelves later this month.

For those who missed the preview, SpeedFreeks is a fast-paced vehicle combat game set between ork clans. This game type features a small amount of bikers, with the real stars of the shows being the ramshackle Mad Max-like vehicles hellbent on destruction and engine revving. The models are said to be featured outside the box game, and usable on the tabletop in a regular game of 40k. Games Workshop has stated there will be expansions to SpeedFreeks, allowing for more vehicles added over time, turning it into a game much larger than anticipated. For those veterans of the long war, SpeedFreeks could be considered an updated replacement for the game Gorka-Morka.

The real meat of Orktober has arguably not been seen; only half the month has been taken into consideration. We want the codex! Warhammer Community has teased and raised eyebrows as they danced around the questions of the initial release, like a tankbusta hyped up on gas from a Leman Russ. Games Workshop said in a statement to expect new kits, reworks of old units, and an expanded release for all things orky. So only time will tell with the releases, but down here at Dark Tower Games, it will feel like an early Christmas when the new WAAAGH finally hits the shelves.

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