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Yu-Gi-Oh! 700 Tournament

We're excited to announce our first big Yu-Gi-Oh tournament at Dark Tower Games! We'll have $700 in prize support paid out to the top 8 finishers, along with an OTS 8 pack for everybody that participates. Doors open at 10am for registration and the tournament begins at 11am sharp. 

Our judge for this event will be Kaleb Reyman, and deck lists will be required. Deck list forms can be found online by clicking here, we will also have them available upon signing up.

The entry fee is $25

Prize Support
1st Place - 235 Credit
2nd Place - 155 Credit
3rd Place - 85 Credit
4th Place - 85 Credit
5th Place - 35 Credit
6th Place - 35 Credit
7th Place - 35 Credit
8th Place - 35 Credit