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Warhammer 9th Age Tournament

Join us at the store for an all day Warhammer fantasy tournament! This will be a 4500 point singles tournament using swiss-style matchups. We will be using the 1.3 edition of The 9th Age rules, which are being released on December 24, 2016. (subject to change). In addition to a 4500 point army, you'll need a tape measure, dice, copy of your list, and printout of your army's rules.

  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Player Cap: 16 People

Space is limited, make sure to sign up early! 

There will be awards given out based on the following criteria:

BEST ARMY: This award will be awarded to the player with the best looking army. This category encompasses painting, conversions, and general army theme. Best Army points will be solely generated through player voting.
BEST SPORTSMANSHIP: This award will be awarded to the player that exibited the best sportsmanship and provided the most enjoyable games to their opponents. Best Sportsmanship points will be generated through a combination of a checklist and player voting.

BEST GENERAL: This award will be awarded to the player who proved themselves the best tactician on the battlefield. Best General points will be generated using the Battle Points table on page 89 of the BRB.

Painting Requirement

As many people in the region are still new to the game, there are no painting requirements for this tournament, but unpainted armies (less than 3-colors per model) will be ineligble for the Best Army prize.


All lists are open, meaning that you are expected to provide a copy of your list to your opponent at the beginning of each game. Lists are expected to be submitted to the Head of Gaming no later than 2 days before the event to be reviewed for errors.


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