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Modern 1K

Welcome back to our Modern 1K series! 
We're firing our third 1K and this time we're giving away different prizes for the top 2. First place will receive Karn, Scion of Urza and second place will receive a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Both of these will be awarded on top of prize payout. 

Prize payout will be in store credit:
1st: $350
2nd: $250
3rd-4th: $100
5th-8th: $50

Entry is $25.

Prizes are based on attendance, once we hit 55+ players we will have prize payout for top 16, less than 40 players and the prizes may change. There is a 72 player cap.

This event will be competitive REL which means decklists will be required.

Deck list forms will be provided or you can find them here. You may also save time writing out your deck list and use our online submission page.

We'll be streaming the event on our twitch channel. 

Call ahead to pre-register and then get your best deck together and come join us!

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