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Corvus Belli: Infinity Escalation League - Tunguska Incursion

Here at Dark Tower we are starting a Infinity escalation League!

There will be a entry fee this will include $25 spent in store to sign up! You can purchase a gift card as well to sign up, or purchase any product in store or place a special order with us. 

If you have any additional questions please ask a DT Team member!

The league will start on Tuesday, August 28th and end on October 2nd. There will be a prize for best general, and anyone that has a fully painted 300pt force at the end of the league will be entered into a prize drawing. Anyone who plays all 6 games will receive a free random miniature at the end!

We will have additional prize support for participants below:

Best Performance Overall:
Favorite Opponent:
Best Painted Figure:(non TAG)

Week 1 Mission: Annihilation. 150 point lists, limited insertion, no fire teams, no hackers, no command tokens

Week 2 Mission: Firefight. 200 point lists, limited insertion, no fire teams, no hackers, no command tokens

Week 3 Mission: Frontline. 250 point lists, limited insertion, no hackers

Week 4 Mission: Supremacy. 300 point lists, limited insertion

Week 5 Mission: Transmission Matrix. 300 point lists

Week 6 Mission: Supplies. 300 point lists

The first 4 weeks of the league include the limited insertion extra. This rule limits your force to 1 combat group which means that you can have no more than 10 models in your force. In the final 2 weeks this restriction is lifted. 

Also keep in mind that at 150pts you are limited to 3 SWC, 200pts you are limited to 4 SWC, 250pts you are limited to 5 SWC and at 300pts 6 SWC.

The rules are all free online and you will need to download the ITS season 9 missions. Any rules documents that you need can be found at

The website also has a handy army builder that works on mobile devices.

A helpful website listing the available hacking programs.

This is also a great lead up to Emerald City Incursion Mk. II. This is a tournament down in Seattle on November 10th and 11th hosted by our very own Andy. He can supply better details as the date approaches.

Good luck Generals!

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