Grand Piece Online Second Sea Map 2023 [GPO]

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Chart a course through the mystifying seas of Grand Piece Online (GPO), where treasure and danger lie in wait. Navigating this One Piece-inspired Roblox game means mastering the ebb and flow of its vast oceans.

Delve into the uncharted territories of GPO’s intriguing Second Sea Map. This virtual maritime chart ushers in a new wave of adventure, mystery, and exploration.

Unlock the secrets of the island locations, where purchasable items, formidable bosses, and bountiful loot await. Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or a novice sailor, the Second Sea Map promises to challenge and enthrall you.

Embark on a journey across GPO’s expansive waters and discover what it truly means to be an adventurer. As we explore the enigma of the Second Sea Map, prepare to hoist the anchor and set sail for the unknown!

The Perilous Second Sea

Embark on a high-stakes adventure with GPO’s Second Sea, a realm where danger lurks and riches await. Reserved for the seasoned players, it’s a territory that demands mastery of the game’s mechanics and a hunger for intense challenges.

New enemies await in these turbulent waters, each one more formidable than the last. Battles in the Second Sea are not just a test of combat skills but also strategic acumen. Every victory here is the result of a well-crafted plan.

Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom in the Second Sea. With each peril faced, an equally enticing reward awaits. This region is abundant with hidden treasures and rare Devil Fruits, a boon to ambitious players seeking power and wealth.

Each island presents its own unique challenges and surprises, making the perilous journey a thrilling voyage of discovery. To survive, players must become adept navigators, understanding each island’s distinct terrain and potential threats.

Navigating the Second Sea is a leap into uncharted waters where the adventure intensifies and the stakes rise. As you traverse this tumultuous terrain, remember: though the journey is fraught with danger, the rewards are commensurately grand.

Gaining Access to The Second Sea

Gaining Access to The Second Sea

Before setting sail on the treacherous waves of the Second Sea, players must first earn their passage. The Second Sea isn’t immediately accessible to novice pirates. It’s a realm designed for seasoned sailors who’ve proven their mettle in the challenges of the First Sea.

To gain access to the Second Sea, players must reach a minimum level requirement, typically higher than the challenges encountered in the First Sea. This requirement ensures that only well-prepared and skilled players venture into the more intense combat and exploration scenarios the Second Sea presents.

In addition to reaching the requisite level, players will also need to complete a series of quests or missions. These tasks serve to test the player’s capabilities and readiness to take on the higher-level challenges that await in the Second Sea.

Once these requirements are met, players must journey to a specific location on the First Sea to find the transport NPC. This character will then escort the player across the tumultuous divide, transitioning from the familiar waters of the First Sea to the uncharted territory of the Second Sea.

Finally, while accessing the Second Sea marks a significant milestone in any player’s GPO journey, it’s worth remembering that it also signifies the beginning of a far more challenging, perilous, and rewarding adventure. It’s a step not to be taken lightly, but for those who dare, the Second Sea is a voyage like no other.

First Sea

First Sea

The region formerly recognized as the Sea of Phoeyu is now referred to as the First Sea. Refer to the provided image for its detailed map. The following are the various zones found within this area:

  • Town of Beginnings
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, and Rifle.
    • Boss and Drops: Bandit Boss – Eye Patch (50%)
  • Marine Fort F-1
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Sandora
    • Minimum Level: 10+
    • Purchaseables: None
    • Boss and Drops: Lucid – Bazooka (25%)
  • Shell’s Town
    • Minimum Level: 20+
    • Purchaseables: Galleon, Hammer, Potions, and Barrels
    • Boss and Drops: Logan – Metal Jaw (25%)
  • Island Of Zou
    • Minimum Level: 30+
    • Purchaseables: Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style)
  • Baratie
    • Minimum Level: 40+
    • Purchaseables: Black Leg
  • Orange Town
    • Minimum Level: 50+
    • Purchaseables: None
    • Boss and Drops: Star Clown – Buggy Cape (10%)
  • Mysterious Cliff
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: Rokushiki
  • Roca Island
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: One-Sword-Style, Katana
  • Colosseum
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Sphinx Island
    • Minimum Level: 65+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Gorilla King – Gorilla King Crown (5%)
  • Arlong Park
    • Minimum Level: 70+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Arlong – Kiribachi (5%)
  • Kori Island
    • Minimum Level: 80+
    • Purchaseables: Busoshoku Haki
  • Land of the Sky
    • Minimum Level: 105+
    • Purchaseables: Kenbunshoku Haki, Potions
  • Gravito’s Fort
    • Minimum Level: 160+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Gravito – Hoverboard (1%), Gravito’s Cape(5%), and Gravity Blade (5%)
  • Fishman Cave
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: Bubble
  • Fishman Island
    • Minimum Level: 190+
    • Purchaseables: Fishman Karate
  • Fishman Colosseum
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Ryu’s Palace
    • Minimum Level: 210+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Ryu – Shark Necklace (5%) and Ryu’s Blade (5%)
  • Neptune’s Throne
    • Minimum Level: 230+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Neptune – Neptune’s Trident (1%) and Neptune’s Crown(5%)
  • Marine Base G-1
    • Minimum Level: 240+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops:
      • Flame Admiral Zeke – Marine Captain’s Cape (5%)
      • Captain Zhen – Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%) and Bisento (1%)
  • Coco Island
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: Diable Jambe and Geppo Trainer
  • Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)
    • Minimum Level: 200+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Drops: Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer’s Armor Set (comes in different colors) (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), Slayer’s Mask (comes in different colors) (1%), and Random Fruit (3%)
  • Shrine
    • Minimum Level: 325+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Drops: World Scroll
  • Reverse Mountain
    • Minimum Level: 325+
    • Purchaseables: Eternal Pose

Land of the Sky

Land of the Sky is also known as Skypiea Island.

  • Heaven’s Gate
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Sky Town District 1
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: Eternal Pose and Potions
  • Sky Town District 2
    • Minimum Level: 105+
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Sky Castle
    • Minimum Level: 110+
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Sky Colosseum
    • Minimum Level: Any
    • Purchaseables: –
  • The Tree
    • Minimum Level: 125+
    • Purchaseables: Skypiean Glide Ability
    • Boss and Drops: Bruno – Burn Bazooka (5%)
  • Sky Town District 3
    • Minimum Level: 135+
    • Purchaseables: –
  • Malcom’s Lair
    • Minimum Level: 145+
    • Purchaseables: –
    • Boss and Drops: Malcom – Shotgun (5%)
  • Golden City
    • Minimum Level: 155+
    • Purchaseables: Kenbunshoku Haki
    • Boss and Drops: Enel – Golden Staff (5%) and Tomoe Drums (1%)

GPO Second Sea Map

Presenting a comprehensive map that includes all the islands and regions situated within the Second Sea:

GPO Second Sea Map

GPO Second Sea Locations

The Second Sea offers the opportunity to traverse eight new, exciting locales. These include:

  • Colosseum of Arc – Any level
  • Desert Kingdom – Level 325 and above
  • Rough Waters – Level 325 and above
  • Rovo Island – Any level
  • Sashi Island – Level 325 and above
  • Spirit Island – Any Ievel
  • Foro Island – Any level
  • Thriller Bark – Level 325 and above

Second Sea Bosses

In the Second Sea, you might cross paths with these formidable bosses:

  • Kraken – A sea beast that lives in the rough waters in the south of Desert Kingdom.
  • Pharaoh Akshan – A boss that can be found sleeping in the Pharaoh’s Castle of Desert Kingdom.
  • Crab King Cho – A powerful monstrous crab inhabiting the Crab Cave in the Desert Kingdom.
  • Moria, the Shadow King – A familiar character in One Piece, Moria is a Raid Boss in GPO that can be fought on Thriller Bark.
  • Borj – Another boss in Thriller Bark that has a small chance of dropping the legendary Knight’s Gauntlet when defeated.
  • Musashi – A warrior NPC that gives you a Book of Nitoryu that teaches the player a two-sword style technique if you beat him in a duel.

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Final Words

Navigating the path to the Second Sea might seem straightforward with the aid of the GPO Second Sea map, yet it requires more than just mapping skills. It’s a region where success is earned through relentless level grinding and strategic gameplay.

The Second Sea, though challenging, is an invaluable asset for players, teeming with abundant treasures and rewards. It offers a unique platform to truly exhibit your abilities, fortify your strength, and carve out your niche as a formidable player in the world of GPO. In the daunting depths of the Second Sea, the potential for greatness awaits every persistent and adventurous player.

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