How To Get Observation Haki V2 in Blox Fruits

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In the vast open-world playground of Blox Fruits, inspired by the acclaimed anime One Piece, power is but a fruit away. The game presents a unique combination of combats, quests, and explorations, each a stepping stone to fame and glory.

Yet, lying beyond the ordinary, beyond raw strength and magical abilities, lies an inner force called Observation Haki V2, or Ken Haki. An elusive ability that gives players the unique advantage to dodge attacks effortlessly, reveal hidden enemy stats, and turn any skirmish into a winning battle.

Intrigued? Good, because this guide is your secret weapon. We are about to navigate through the mysterious maze that leads to this powerful ability. So buckle up, as we set sail on an exciting journey to acquire the Observation Haki V2 and truly master the high seas of Blox Fruits.

How to Get Observation Haki V2?

Getting your hands on the coveted Observation Haki V2 in Blox Fruits involves a thrilling journey filled with tasks and rewards. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process that will turn your dream of mastering this power into a reality.

1. Find the Hungry Man NPC:

Your first step is to sail to the Floating Turtle Island. There, you’ll find the Hungry Man NPC nestled within one of the floating houses. He is hungry and desires a “decent meal,” although he doesn’t offer any clues about what that meal might be. That’s where we come in.

2. Gather the “Decent Meal”:

This part might surprise you; the meal is a simple fruit salad. You need an Apple, a Banana, and a Pineapple.

  • The Apple can be found atop a tall plateau with a solitary tree on the Floating Turtle Island.
  • The Banana awaits you near the Giant Tree location, on a lone island to the right of the Tree.
  • The Pineapple is tucked away in Port Town. Starting from the Third Sea spawn point, head left up the stairs, enter Port Town and follow the road until it forks. Take a left to find a building with crates around it, the Pistol Billionaire. The Pineapple is hidden in a stall near these crates. Remember, each fruit has a respawn time of 5 to 6 minutes.

3. Prepare the Meal:

Once you’ve gathered all three fruits, they need to be placed in a Bowl. You can get this Bowl from the “Citizen” Quest, which only becomes available when you reach Level 1,800.

4. Return to the Hungry Man:

With the fruit salad in hand, go back to the Hungry Man, and for a small fee of 5,000,000 Beli, he will impart the knowledge of Observation V2. However, remember these crucial prerequisites:

  • You must be Level 1,800 or higher and have maxed out Observation V1.
  • You need to have 5000 Exp. on Instinct.
  • You should have obtained the Musketeer Hat accessory. Without these, the Hungry Man will dismiss you as a “weakling”, and you won’t be able to proceed. Additionally, if you happen to die while carrying the fruits, you will lose them and have to start over.

Keep in mind that Observation Haki is also referred to as Instinct Haki in the game. Once you’ve navigated this quest, you’ll be well on your way to dodging attacks and revealing enemy stats like a pro with your new Observation Haki V2.

Roblox Blox Fruits: Prerequisites for Observation V2

The path to obtaining Observation Haki V2 in Roblox Blox Fruits requires both skill and strategy. Prior to embarking on this rewarding journey, there are several important prerequisites to fulfill. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Level Requirement:

In Blox Fruits, power comes with leveling up. Before you can even consider gaining Observation Haki V2, you need to reach Level 1,800. This necessitates a commitment to grinding, accepting and completing missions, and engaging in battles that earn you valuable experience points.

2. Experience on Instinct:

Experience is not only about levels; it’s also about skill development. You should have a minimum of 5000 experience points specifically in the Instinct skill. This prepares you for the advanced abilities that come with Observation Haki V2.

3. Max Out Observation V1:

Before you can upgrade, you need to maximize your current abilities. This means mastering the first version of Observation Haki (Observation V1). Hone your skills, utilize them effectively in combat, and once you’ve maxed them out, you’ll be ready for the next level.

4. The Musketeer Hat Accessory:

Appearances matter, especially when they show you’re ready for an upgrade. In the case of Observation Haki V2, you need to obtain the Musketeer Hat accessory. This marks you as a seasoned player who has achieved certain milestones in the game.

5. Gathering In-game Currency:

Knowledge is power, and in this case, it comes with a price tag. To learn Observation Haki V2 from the Hungry Man NPC, you will need to pay him 5,000,000 Beli. Ensuring you have this amount at your disposal will avoid any disappointments.

Remember that the journey to obtaining Observation Haki V2 is as rewarding as the ability itself. It’s a testament to your commitment and growth in the game. So ensure you meet these prerequisites, stay resilient, and the power of Observation Haki V2 will soon be yours!

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Final Words

We’ve journeyed together through the crucial steps to unlock Observation Haki V2 in Blox Fruits. From locating the Hungry Man NPC to collecting a “decent meal” and sporting the Musketeer Hat accessory, it’s a true testament to a player’s growth and skill in the game.

Now, armed with this knowledge, it’s time for you to sail forth and apply it in your gameplay. Experiment with your newfound power, and watch as it redefines your battles and strategies. Embrace this journey, and let the high seas of Blox Fruits witness the rise of a formidable warrior. Good luck, adventurers!

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