Where legends go to be italicized

— Adult sized child on a spiritual horse in the Norstirian bogs
There is a difference between your friend who stole from a 7/11, and the actual devil
— Harrison Smith, as east-wood
John may be a porcupine, but hes a porcupine made of money
— unknown
I read out the Shatter wub-wub-wubs... straight into its butthole!
— Jeremy Howard, as a goliath bard
*Claps Hands*, I eat Demons
— unknown
As love so often does, it has lead you to a ruined village full of dead people... some of which are on fire
— Harrison Smith, DM
John, any amount of leprosy is too much leprosy.
— unknown
This town ain’t big enough for the one of us
— Harrison Smith, as East-wood
I’d be an evil god if my name was Shnell too
— harrison smith, as East-Wood
We just need to make sure we’re all on the same page
— Unknown, while flying through the abyss on pieces of paper