Casual FNM

Have you wanted to play at a magic tournament but you're still not quite comfortable? No worries, Friday's at 5:00pm we're starting up casual Friday Night Magic. All you need to bring is $5 and a good attitude! And sleeves, bring card sleeves if you have them otherwise we have them for sale here. Entry is $5, but what does that get you? We will provide each person with 6 of our "grab bags." These are house made booster packs, each containing one foil, one rare, three uncommons, and 10 uncommons! When the timer starts (you'll have 45 minutes) you will open your packs and based off of what you get, build a 40 card deck you think works best. Staff will be here to explain any details or answer any questions you have. We'll help you build the best deck possible! Once you've put together what you think is your best deck, we'll run a 3 round tournament (50 minutes each round) where you'll face off against other players. Best two of three takes the win for the round! 

We will have prizes for everyone who shows up, so get a friend and come join us! 


Monday Night Standard

Standard is back!
The event starts at 6:00pm and entry is $5.
Prize payout will be in store credit...
Standard just keeps getting better, put together your best deck and come join us Monday nights at 6:00!



Modern is a 75 card constructed format with at least 60 cards in the main deck and up to 75 in the sideboard; based on the wizards of the coast set legality list.  Our tournaments are four 50 minute rounds, with the player who wins the best of 3 games being declared winner of that round.  It's a fast paced, high power, engaging format and we hope to see you there! Order your tickets online now to ensure your entry into the next Modern Tournament!

Modern tournaments are on Wednesdays and Fridays @ 6:00pm



Our Modern 1Ks are highly competitive tournaments that are judged and require more preparation than a weekly tournament.  With more competitive play comes higher prize payout.  If you've been looking to play Modern more seriously this would be a great way to get started.

Modern 1k Events are held bi-monthly, please check our Facebook for Modern 1k event days.



Commander is a multiplayer format where you play a 100 card deck.  The main deck has 99 singleton cards and then the 100th card is your commander.  You sit down and play in pods of four people, making alliances, strategize, and do everything you can to come out victorious in the end!

Commander tournaments are on Saturdays @ 12:00pm



Legacy is one of the oldest formats in Magic.  Using cards from every set in the game, this format is high powered and diverse. An extensive ban list sets it apart from older formats but also evens the playing field.  If you've been playing for a while or you're a serious competitor you might find yourself playing legacy!

Legacy tournaments are on Saturdays @ 12:30pm



Pauper is a format where you build a deck that consists entirely of common rarity cards. If a card was printed at common at some point in the history of the game, it's legal in pauper.  For a format consisting of what are generally thought of as lower powered cards, it has a lot of interaction and interesting play styles!

Pauper tournaments are on Tuesdays @ 6:00pm



Drafting is a sealed format where you sit down in a pod of roughly 8 players, and you each have 3 booster packs.  You open your first pack, pick the card you think is best, and pass the rest of the cards to the person on your left.  You receive packs from the person to the right and repeat the process until the pack is done.  After that repeat the process twice again until you have all of the cards to build your new deck!

Draft is on Thursdays @ 6:00pm


Canadian Highlander

Do you enjoy Commander? Is it not quite polite enough for you?

Come join us for Canadian Highlander!

This format is 100 card singleton format where you do not have a commander. Instead of battling in pods it's 1v1 and you start with 20 life, not 40. There is a points system that you build your deck off of, more powerful cards are assigned a certain amount of points and you can spend 10 points on your 100 card deck. If you have any questions about the format check out Wizards site at https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/ways-play/introduction-canadian-highlander-2016-05-17.

We will allow gold bordered cards and up to three proxys to start, we may eventually limit the amount of proxy cards you can use but for now we want to make it as inclusive as possible. 

We're giving everyone a while to put together a deck you enjoy playing, we'll see you then!