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Sealed Two Headed Giant

Join us for an extra special sealed Two-Headed Giant at Dark Tower Games. We have a bunch of door prizes and special promos that will be raffled off during the tournament.


  • $25 per player

  • 12 packs given to each team

  • Begins at 1:00PM


  • Each team has a shared life total that starts at 30 life.
  • Each team takes turns rather than each player. This means that players draw as a team, attack as a team,block as a team, and go through the various phases of the turn as a team. Cards that would make a target player take an extra turn/step or lose a turn/step cause that team to take or lose that turn/step (e.g. Beacon of Tomorrows  would make a target team take another turn after this one instead of just one player on that team).

For a complete list of rules, please click here.

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Later Event: February 29
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