Best AI Logo Generators of 2024

As we step into 2024, the digital landscape continues to evolve with artificial intelligence (AI) at its core, revolutionizing the way we approach design and creativity. Among the plethora of AI-driven tools, AI logo generators have emerged as a game-changer for businesses, entrepreneurs, and designers alike.

These innovative platforms leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline the logo design process, offering a blend of efficiency, customization, and creativity that was previously unimaginable. In this era where branding and visual identity hold paramount importance, AI logo generators provide a seamless, intuitive, and cost-effective solution for creating professional and aesthetically appealing logos.

Whether you’re launching a new venture, rebranding an existing one, or simply exploring creative design options, the best AI logo generators of 2024 stand ready to transform your ideas into visual realities, encapsulating the essence of your brand in a symbol that resonates with your audience.

Let’s delve into the forefront of this technological advancement and discover how these tools are setting new standards in the design world.

best ai logo generator

Let’s get started!

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Best 5 AI Logo Generators for 2024

So, here we go!

1. Logo AI

logo ai

LogoAI is an all-rounder for creating logos with the best design practices in mind.

This tool uses AI to produce logos for businesses of all sizes.

You can try this tool for free, which is great because it gives you a great idea of what the tool is capable of before investing.

Logo AI has coded the underlying AI algorithms such that the results are professional and communicate your brand values.

Logo AI has helped tens of thousands of businesses create logos. The solution is great for bloggers, small online stores, as well as bigger enterprises looking to stand out with designs.

I find the tool particularly easy to use and the results are amazing. Some of the logos that it generates look like they’ve been put together by real artists or designers, which is exactly what I want.


Here are some of the key features of LogoAI.

  • AI-based design capabilities.
  • A quick quiz you need to complete to produce a logo that your business needs.
  • Keep all your branded materials in the same place.
  • Free trial.
  • Online-based software. No need to download or sign up to try!


You can design for free with Logo AI. But to use your designs, you should consider paying for a premium plan.

There are three plans for Logo AI.

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $59/month
  • Brand: $99/month

2. Fiverr Logo Maker:

Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker takes a different approach to AI logo generation. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Marketplace of AI-powered Designs: Leverage Fiverr’s established freelance platform, where various AI logo generators compete to create your logo.
  • Variety of Styles & Price Points: Explore a range of design aesthetics and choose an option that aligns with your brand and budget.
  • Human Touch Potential: Some Fiverr Logo Maker options might allow for limited customization by actual designers, adding a human touch to the AI-generated base.

However, some considerations are worth noting:

  • Less Control Over Process: Compared to standalone AI logo generators, you have less direct control over the design process in Fiverr Logo Maker.
  • Quality Variability: With multiple AI tools in play, the quality and consistency of logo options can vary.
  • Potential for Additional Costs: While the AI generation itself might be cost-effective, additional customization or revisions from human designers might incur extra fees.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Design Options: Choose from a pool of logo concepts generated by various AI tools on Fiverr.
  • Marketplace Environment: Explore different styles and price points to find a suitable fit.
  • Potential for Human Input: Some options might offer limited customization by human designers.

Who Should Use Fiverr Logo Maker?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to explore different logo concepts through AI and potentially have some human refinement, Fiverr Logo Maker is worth considering. However, if you prioritize a high degree of control over the design process or require a very specific style, other AI tools or working with a freelance designer might be a better choice.

3. Kreateable


Kreateable is an epic logo maker that combines simplicity with powerful design capabilities, catering to both experienced designers and novices.

This tool allows you to use AI to generate a bunch of professional logos in seconds. What’s cool is that you can use it for free to try your designs!

Its Freemium pricing model offers access to essential features with the option for a one-time fee to unlock comprehensive services, including different download formats and post-purchase edits.


Let’s quickly take a look at some key features of this product:

  • A broad range of ready-made templates organized by industry, facilitating the creation of logos that closely align with specific business themes.
  • Supports the creation of logos in multiple languages, making it accessible and useful for a global audience.
  • Kreateable allows for color adjustments, element resizing, and selection from over 3 million icons and 1,000 fonts.
  • Access for free with a one-time fee for unlocking comprehensive services, including unlimited downloads in multiple formats and the option to edit logos post-purchase​.
  • Text Automation for Social Media and Ads: Features text automation tools for efficient management of social media posts and advertisements, enhancing consistency in brand messaging.
  • Smart Play Feature: Offers thousands of ready-to-go video options for marketing, requiring no modifications, thus simplifying content creation.


  • Logo: $9.99 (one-time)
  • Basic: $3.99/mo
  • Premium: $5.99/mo

4. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a complete package for creating logos and designs for your company.

The easy-to-use interface makes the tool seamless to get started with. You can get a logo and designs in front of you in less than two minutes.

The tool is powered by AI algorithms. The logo generator works by asking you for some input, such as company name, favorite styles, icons, and such. Based on this information, the logo generator generates a whole bunch of logos to choose from.


  • AI-powered logo generation capabilities
  • Social media adaptation to make your logo look great on social media platforms for improved social media presence
  • Hundreds of colors, icons, and design styles to choose from
  • Customer support for pro plans
  • Free trial
  • Additional business tools such as legal services and branding services for other aspects of your business


Generating a logo with Tailor Brands is 100% free.

To see the designs you have to sign up.

Once you have selected the best logo and designs, you can purchase them from the service.

5. Looka


Looka is a modern logo design software that is a rich combination of AI and creativity. This tool is ideal for generating logos that match your preferences and the company’s needs.

If it hasn’t become clear yet, you don’t need any design experience to create with Looka (or any other tools in this list). Instead, all you need to do is answer the quiz in the tool and it will produce a logo that matches your brand and company’s values.

The tool is simple to use. As a first-timer, it only took me around 45 seconds from the start to have a set of professional and unique logos in front of me!

Looka supports vector logo files. This means you can export the logos in a mathematical and editable format for further customization.

If you are looking to create a professional logo in no time with minimal costs, you should consider Looka.

By the way, you can try the tool for free. This way you don’t end up investing in something that doesn’t work for your needs.


  • Easy quiz to fill in to generate the logo for your business needs.
  • High-resolution logos in vector format for ensuring quality on any screen size or setting.
  • Versatile file formats.
  • There is a great color variation at your disposal. You can choose between different colors and color palettes.
  • Social media templates ensure the logo looks good on all social platforms there are.
  • You can make some edits to the logo after you have purchased it. This gives you more creative freedom and customizability.


You can try and preview logos for free! To use a logo, download the created brand kit. There are two plans for the software:

  • Brand Kit Subscription: $96/year
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription: $192/year

6. Logomaster AI

Logomaster AI

Logomaster AI is a logo maker that is ideal for startups, small businesses, freelancers, and similar.

With Logomaster, you can start creating logos for free!

This tool uses AI to generate logos. The software starts by asking you a couple of business questions and personal preferences. It takes about 30 seconds to fill in the form. Then the tool spends a second or two generating logos for you.

After the tool is done, you can have a look at the logos and choose the one you like the most. To use the logo, you have to subscribe to a paid plan. But no worries. If you don’t like the results, you can always leave it alone and try another solution.


  • Use AI to generate brand-matching logos that stand out and look professional.
  • Answer a quick quiz to give input to the AI logo creator.
  • Alternatively, choose a logo or theme from the 100+ templates.
  • Create a logo with minimal cost and wait.


Similar to other tools on this list, you can use Logomaster for free to generate the logos. You only need to pay for using the logo.

This tool comes with three plans:

  • Basic: $22/month
  • Premium: $68/month
  • Enterprise: $114/month

Final Words

And there you have it—the comprehensive guide to the best AI logo generators of March 2024!

In conclusion, the realm of logo design has been remarkably transformed by the advent of AI technologies, making it more accessible, efficient, and creative than ever before. With a spectrum of tools at your disposal, ranging from premium services offering unparalleled customization to free alternatives packed with a wealth of features, there’s something for every need and budget. The future looks even more promising, with emerging technologies poised to redefine our approach to design further.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of AI-driven logo creation tools. I trust this guide has provided valuable insights and direction towards leveraging AI for crafting logos that not only capture the essence of your brand but also stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Here’s to unleashing your creative potential and elevating your brand identity with the power of AI!